About Us

After 30 years in London we moved back to Worcestershire in 1995, where we continue to build on many years' experience of providing high quality presents offering exceptional value for money.

Our luxury real leather boxes are handmade for us, using natural materials and age-old traditional skills, in our own contemporary colours and designs, by a Commonwealth co-operative which benefits directly from sales.

We specialise in the art of gold blocking (embossing on leather, now an almost extinct skill) which involves setting brass type into a 'chase' that goes into a heavy hot foiling machine.

Because the type is cast and finished individually, minute variations in size and space between the letters can occur, sometimes being more perceptible due to the inherent characteristics of the Times New Roman font we use.  For instance, the gap between a 'W' and an 'A' can appear wider than between a 'W' and an 'L'.

Such eccentricities should not be regarded as faults, but rather an indication of the unique nature of the finished article, produced as it is by artisans, and not by some computerised contraption!

In today's world, where so many goods and services are automated, we believe that communication and attention to detail is important.  So you can be confident that you will receive the high standard of service that we offer.

Our aim here at the Little Leather Box Company is to meet your needs quickly and efficiently and we look forward to hearing from you....


Charlotte Carver Bill Carver - hot foiler at work



“I highly recommend these beautifully made boxes from this excellently run English Company.” - Louise Guinness, Wiltshire

For our Hot Foiling video, click on this link


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